Pennsylvania Goodwill Merger Wins Award for Optimizing Resources

Goodwill Industries International
Thursday, 19 June 2003

In just over 18 months, three Pennsylvania Goodwills merged to reduce management costs by more than 2 percent, freeing up $400,000 in resources.

Goodwill Industries of Mid-Eastern Pennsylvania (Reading), Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Lancaster) and Goodwill Industries of Central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) operate in a single economic region, share population demographics, business and industry partners, funding resources and media markets. Goodwill executives realized that each agency did not have the critical mass needed to continue building capacity on its own. In 2001, the boards of directors and CEOs of these Goodwills developed a strategic plan to merge and form one organization -- Keystone Goodwill Industries (Harrisburg, PA).

The merger allowed the knowledge of three staffs to create specialty areas within departments at Keystone, streamlining work and pooling expertise to provide higher quality service. The first three years of the merger allow for a period of transition, during which time the current CEOs jointly manage the organization. In June 2004, the parent board will select one CEO to head Keystone Goodwill.

Keystone leaders assured current employees that no jobs would be lost as a result of the merger for two years. After that time, management will attempt to fill newly created senior positions from within.

"This merger is the first of its kind in Goodwill's history and is a testament to Goodwill's ability to optimize resources," says George W. Kessinger, President and CEO Goodwill Industries International, Inc. "Goodwill executives creatively used their resources to enhance the Goodwills long-term viability and community outreach." The creation of Keystone Goodwill Industries is awarded Goodwill's Stewardship Excellence Award for best practices in leveraging financial and human resources.

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