Work of Volunteer Group Sustains Lives and Livelihood of Milwaukee Goodwill

Goodwill Industries International
Thursday, 19 June 2003

Group Honored As Goodwill Industries Volunteer Group of the Year

The Goodwill Industries' 2002 Centennial Celebration hosted by Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin (Milwaukee) couldn't have been run as smoothly without the support of the Milwaukee volunteer group. Hospitable and professional, the volunteers served as escorts, ticket takers, problem-solvers and fashion show models. "They devoted themselves to the event's success and supported the smooth transaction of each and every detail," says John Miller, President and CEO of the Goodwill.

The GIVS Centennial Celebration fashion show was one of 39 vintage fashion shows in which they appeared last year. The shows raise money to support Goodwill business lines, but also raise the community's awareness of Goodwill's mission and services. The centennial show raised $4,900 for the Milwaukee Goodwill.

GIVS members also support clients along their paths to workplace success. Volunteers serve as tutors and program aides, and plan special events for clients such as birthday and holiday parties. They are also strong advocates for the rights of people with disabilities.

The GIVS organization is a diverse group of 308 members who collectively gave 7,574 hours of volunteer service in 2002. This organized group has been honored as the outstanding Goodwill Industries volunteer group for their work support of the Milwaukee Goodwill. Miller says, "GIVS members work tirelessly and are committed to excellence in all their undertakings."

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