Ford Motor Company Receives Goodwill’s Business Partner Award

Goodwill Industries International
Thursday, 19 June 2003

Ford Motor Company's business relationship with Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit (Michigan) started over 40 years ago with packaging and assembly contracts that today are worth $1.1 million.

Ford volunteer quality and safety personnel and engineers helped redesign Goodwill's 40,000-square-foot plant, improving plant operations and creating a safer, more productive environment for Goodwill employees and trainees. A Ford executive visits the plant weekly to advise Goodwill managers.

Al Ver, Ford's Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, serves on the Detroit Goodwill Board of Directors and is a major catalyst for the partnership. Ford volunteers have also served as technical advisors to Goodwill, arranging for the donation of fiber optic cable and installation assistance through Ford vendors and assisting Goodwill in making major technology purchases.

The Ford Motor Company Fund renewed $100,000 in annual funding to the Detroit Goodwill's New Start Employment Project, a program that has provided services to more than 70 ex-offenders. The Ford Fund also donated $40,000 for a telephone system upgrade. Goodwill's Industrial Division also received a $29,000 Ford truck, and the company donated a new 2002 Ford Thunderbird for Goodwill's 80th anniversary celebration raffle, generating $87,000 in revenue.

"The clear message is that we should never look at a company or business as one-dimensional," says Delois Caldwell, Detroit Goodwill's President and CEO. "If you have a successful partnership with a business in one area of the organization, explore others areas to see how you can build on that partnership." Ford Motor Company receives Goodwill's Business Partner Award for investing significant resources into building the capacity of a Goodwill agency.

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