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Fund Futures with Job Training
06 Jun 03 | Families across the United States face tough times as unemployment rates rise to their highest levels in 9 years. Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 9 million American workers were unemployed in May.

Goodwill Industries Reports Record Highs In Service And Revenues
05 May 03 | Over 580,000 people benefited from Goodwill job-training and career services in 2002, and the agency reports a new high of $2.06 (b) billion in revenues for the year.

Align the Process Across Agencies
01 May 03 | Common definitions, standardized RFP procedures and categorization by service populations would improve the complex process of identifying and securing federal grant funds for nonprofits such as Goodwill Industries.

Goodwill Industries and FDIC Team Up for Strong Financial Futures
14 Mar 03 | Goodwill and the FDIC have teamed up to provide financial education to low-wage workers, low-income families and people who lack banking experience that receive job training and other career services from Goodwill.

Unemployed Workers to Benefit from Joint National Programs
24 Feb 03 | "We know that poverty and unemployment are the root causes of hunger," says George W. Kessinger, President and CEO of Goodwill. "Through this partnership, we hope to provide people with the tools they need to provide their families with the basics."

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