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Heifer International combats hunger, alleviates poverty, and restores the environment by providing appropriate livestock, training, and related services to small-scale farmers worldwide. Heifer helps people utilize livestock as an integral component of sustainable agriculture and holistic development. Heifer's projects strengthen rural families and communities through improved nourishment, increased production and the dissemination of skills and knowledge for self-reliance. Care for the earth's natural resources is emphasized through training in livestock management, pasture improvement, soil conservation, forestation and water harvesting.

Heifer's key concept is that each recipient must pass on to others some of the offspring of the farm animals they receive. This principle, called "passing on the gift," assures that each participant in the program becomes a donor, enhancing dignity and participation in each project. Passing on the gift also helps communities to become self-sustaining.

Projects are selected on the basis of meeting Heifer's twelve "Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development." The International Programs Department staff provides services to Heifer's program personnel and partner organizations for monitoring and evaluation of all programs. Heifer has field offices in major program areas around the world that in turn work with a large network of local nongovernmental and grassroots organizations. Most of the field staff are nationals of the country and have a variety of technical skills that help project participants to confront the challenges and problems they encounter.

For more information, or to contact Heifer Project International, see their website at: www.heifer.org

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Heifer International's Annual Catalog for Alternative Giving
01 Nov 01 | The claim that Heifer International offers THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFT CATALOG IN THE WORLD is surprising ... In choosing a tax-deductible gift from THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFT CATALOG IN THE WORLD, you are not just changing the life of one family.

El Salvador Refugee Receives Award For Community Service from Heifer International
01 Nov 01 | CHICAGO - Mrs. Neris Amanda Gonzales, a political refugee from El Salvador, recently received Heifer International's WiLD (Women in Livestock Development) Award for her service to the Pilsen community. With the help of Heifer International, ...

Atlanta Marathon Runner, Eric de Groot, To Raise Funds for Heifer International In the Race to End World Hunger
01 Nov 01 | ATLANTA - Dutch-born international business consultant Eric de Groot is running his 15th marathon on Thanksgiving Day in Atlanta at Turner Field. The 2001 Atlanta Marathon is just the beginning of de Groot's efforts to help Heifer International.

Heifer International Living Loans: A Step on the Road to Self-Reliance
01 Nov 01 | LITTLE ROCK, AR - Since 1944, Heifer International has helped more than four million poor families in 125 countries become self-reliant through the gift of food- and income-producing animals and training in their care. HPI's "living loans" of ...

Give the Ultimate Gift: The Gift of Hope
01 Nov 01 | Through its gift catalog, "The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World," Heifer International offers shoppers a truly unique form of giving that will be appreciated for yours to come. Through its "living loans" of livestock, Heifer promotes self...

Donations Through Heifer International are Changing Lives for the Better
01 Nov 01 | In Uganda, a Heifer International dairy goat paid for all seven of Mrs. Biira's children to attend school. In fact, a children's book, Beatrice's Goat, was written by Page McBrier about Beatrice's true experience.

Heifer International Aids Afghanistan Refugees
30 Oct 01 | For seven years, Heifer has been assisting Afghan refugees in Pakistan, training them in to use livestock to produce food and income. Since 1999, Heifer has helped 1,500 families inside Afghanistan manage projects inside Afghanistan projects ...

Heifer International Launches Recovery Campaign for UK Farmers
01 May 01 | At its inception, Heifer International helped farmers rebuild in Europe after WWII by shipping cows and providing training to impoverished families. Every donation Heifer and other charitable organizations contribute to efforts for the recovery ...

Beatrice's Goat On Best Sellers List
04 Apr 01 | NEW YORK - Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier and Lori Lohstoeter, climbed to #3 on the New York Times Children's Picture Books Best Seller List (see April 8th edition). A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Beatrice' Goat goes to Heifer ...

Heifer International Appoints New Director of Grants
01 Feb 01 | LITTLE ROCK, AR - Heifer International recently announced the addition of Mr. Marvin Schwartz as the new Director of Grants. His work has assisted local, state, and international projects, producing grant proposals, video documentaries, ...

Alternative Gifts Speak from the Heart and Help the Less Fortunate
01 Nov 00 | The gift catalog from Heifer International enables a shopper to purchase an animal (or share of an animal) for an impoverished family in honor of friends or family members. Through its "living loan" of livestock, Heifer promotes self-reliance, ...

Heifer International Web Site Generates Million Dollar Solution to World Hunger
31 Jul 00 | LITTLE ROCK, AR - Going into its third year of online fundraising, Heifer Project International's Web site, http://www.heifer.org/, has successfully attracted thousands of donors looking for a meaningful yet convenient way to give a gift and ...

People Are Talking About Heifer International
01 Apr 00 | Owning a few [Heifer] dairy cows can make a huge difference. "In Sichuan, China, where Heifer provided 300 goats to 89 families, the number of goats has tripled in two years, raising annual incomes 30-50 percent."

This Holiday Season, Give the Ultimate Gift: The Gift of Hope
01 Nov 99 | Heifer International (HPI) offers a unique gift opportunity through its "Most Important Gift Catalog in the World." Through its "living loan" of livestock, Heifer promotes self-reliance, which builds self-esteem and helps families lift themselves ...

Traditional Zulu Healer Fuses South African and American Philosophies to Create a Win-Win Situation
21 Oct 99 | LITTLE ROCK, AR - Alvina "Nokusho" Bhengu is a "Sangoma," or traditional Zulu healer. Bhengu is using the cow she received from Heifer Project to implement a new dairy cow management plan called "Zero Grazing."

Founder's Daughter Joins Heifer International as Church and Community Relations Director
01 Aug 99 | LITTLE ROCK, AR - Heifer International, the nonprofit development organization that works worldwide to alleviate hunger and poverty through the gift of livestock and training in its care, has appointed Janet West Schrock as Church and Community ...

President and CEO, Heifer International and President, Heifer International Foundation, Celebrates 10 Years of Leadership
01 Jun 99 | LITTLE ROCK, AR - This month, Heifer International president Jo Luck celebrates 10 years of leadership with the organization. Jo Luck became President and CEO of Heifer International (HPI) in July, 1992.



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