Helen Keller International

Helen Keller International, which marked its 85th anniversary in 2000, is among the oldest international nonprofit organizations devoted to fighting and treating preventable blindness worldwide. It works shoulder-to-shoulder with the medical community, as well as with governmental and non-governmental agencies around the globe, toward its mission of bringing the world into view.

From a small but ambitious beginning training blinded soldiers in crafts, it has grown into an organization that helps millions of people in 80 countries preserve their sight. It also restores sight to blind people when possible, and works with the irreversibly blind people to support their efforts to lead more productive and fulfilling lives. Yet Helen Keller Worldwide owes its existence to an appalling tragedy that claimed 1,198 lives and helped bring the United States into the First World War.

For more information, or to contact Helen Keller International, see their website at: www.hki.org

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Community Leaders From Across The State Of New Jersey Support ChildSight®
28 Apr 01 | The vision of low-income middle school students. According to ChildSight®, a program division of Helen Keller Worldwide, currently running in five New Jersey communities, approximately 24% of middle school students need prescription eyeglasses.

Congressman Tony P. Hall's Request To Congress Results In Funds Supporting ChildSight® Programs In Dayton And Five Other US Cities
02 Apr 01 | 34 Dayton Schools To Receive Eye-Health Care from ChildSight®—A Division of Helen Keller Worldwide. At Hall's request, Congress approved $1,250,000 to Helen Keller Worldwide to support ChildSight® programs in six new cities, including Dayton.



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