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The International Rescue Committee is a non-profit, non-sectarian, voluntary agency providing assistance to refugees around the world. The International Rescue Committee was founded at the request of Albert Einstein to assist opponents of Hitler. The IRC helps people fleeing racial, religious and ethnic persecution, as well as those uprooted by war and violence.

At the outbreak of an emergency, we provide sanctuary and lifesaving assistance-rapidly delivering critical medical and public health services, shelter and food. Once a crisis stabilizes, we set up programs to enable refugees to cope with life in exile. Through training, education and income-generating programs, we help refugees acquire new skills to become self-sufficient.

For those who cannot safely return to their countries and who qualify for entry into the United States, we assist in their resettlement. Our national network of regional IRC offices makes sure that new arrivals have all that they need to start rebuilding their lives.

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Aid Groups Raise Concern About Possible Deployment of Serb Troops to Afghanistan
19 Nov 03 | The IRC and 10 other humanitarian aid and advocacy groups are cautioning against the deployment of forces from Serbia and Montenegro to Afghanistan to serve with NATO or Coalition Forces.

Aid Provided for Rape Survivors in Monrovia
28 Aug 03 | At the Samuel K. Doe National Stadium in Monrovia, the Flomo family of nine crowds into a small space underneath the first tier of seats. Thousands of these spaces have been carved out and separated from one another by tarpaulin and blankets.

IRC Expands Emergency Services in Liberia
28 Aug 03 | The International Rescue Committee is expanding emergency services to meet the urgent needs of tens of thousands of displaced Liberians crowded into 110 locations in the capital, Monrovia.

IRC Aiding Refugees, Displaced People in Ivory Coast
27 Aug 03 | The IRC has begun providing health services in villages around the town of Tabou near the Liberian border, for Liberian refugees, Ivorian returnees, and the host community.

Dispatch From Iraq
14 Aug 03 | The IRC's public health program has started in the northern city of Kirkuk under the supervision of its new health manager. Eighteen Community health workers last week began visiting impoverished households in the city's rural surroundings.

IRC Clinics Aid Liberians Amid Deteriorating Food and Health Crisis
11 Aug 03 | Liberians are streaming into IRC clinics at two sites in Monrovia where thousands of people are seeking shelter from the chaos that surrounds them. With little access to food and clean water, most of them are hungry and sick.

IRC Program Brings Special Needs Refugee Children Into Camp Schools in Kenya
31 Jul 03 | Mohammed is a 17-year-old Somali refugee who lost his sight in a Mogadishu bomb blast. Soon after, he fled to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, but didn't enroll in a camp school because teachers there didn't have the capacity to help blind students.

Developing Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies
29 Jul 03 | As one of the key pillars of humanitarian assistance, education-along with food and water, shelter, and health care-enables people to regain hope and dignity and to build peaceful and stable futures for themselves and their communities.

Hope for Iraq's War-Wounded
25 Jul 03 | The International Rescue Committee has launched a quick impact program to help Iraqis with war injuries receive follow-up treatment. "There are many poor people wounded in the recent war who urgently need to see specialists."

Chaos Consumes Monrovia; Humanitarian Situation is Dire
22 Jul 03 | "Monrovia is in absolute chaos and Liberians are gripped by fear," says Wubeshet Woldemariam, who oversees IRC programs in Liberia. "Tens of thousands of people are fleeing in all directions and casualties are mounting."

Aid Workers Abducted in Burundi are Freed
19 Jul 03 | Three humanitarian aid workers abducted in two separate incidents in Makamba, Burundi, more than a week ago have been freed.

NGOs Condemn Kidnapping of Aid Workers in Burundi Amid Increasing Unrest
15 Jul 03 | An IRC staff member and two aid workers from other international NGOs in Burundi were abducted over the past week in two separate incidents in Burundi's Makamba Province.

IRC, Refugees International Urge U.N. Mission in Congo to Protect Civilians
14 Jul 03 | In a letter to U.S. Representative to the United Nations, John Negroponte, the International Rescue Committee and Refugees International call on the United States to support an expansion of the U.N. observer mission in Congo (MONUC).

IRC Calls For Stabilization Force for Liberia
09 Jul 03 | Robert Warwick, the IRC's West Africa regional director, says an international stabilization force is urgently needed in Liberia to ensure civilian protection and access to aid.

Training Begins for Health Workers & Birthing Attendants in Iraq
05 Jul 03 | "Are you washing your vegetables?" asks IRC Community Health Worker Khawla Brahy Hassan, during a visit to a home in Karbala's impoverished Baaht neighborhood. The question starts a lengthy discussion about nutrition and personal hygiene.

IRC Launches Immunization Campaign in Iraq
22 Jun 03 | Thousands of children and women of childbearing age were immunized against polio, tuberculosis and tetanus today, as the International Rescue Committee launched an immunization campaign in and around the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

Humanitarian Situation in Liberia Dire, IRC Distributes Emergency Supplies
20 Jun 03 | The humanitarian situation in Liberia is now among the world' worst, says IRC emergency response director Gerald Martone, who spent the past three weeks in West Africa, assessing humanitarian needs. "I was shocked by what I saw."

IRC Works to Reduce Malnutrition Among Somali Bantus in Kenya
20 Jun 03 | The IRC is working to reverse high levels of malnutrition, disease and mortality among Somali Bantus living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwestern Kenya.

The IRC Marks World Refugee Day 2003
19 Jun 03 | To mark World Refugee Day 2003 and celebrate the courage and contributions of refugees, IRC offices around the world are holding lectures, film screenings, exhibits and other events and presentations on the official day, June 20.

IRC Directors Urge President Bush To Break Logjam in U.S. Refugee Admissions
18 Jun 03 | Members of the board of directors of the International Rescue Committee have urged President Bush to step in and break the logjam that has dramatically slowed the admission of refugees into the United States since the 9/11 attacks.

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