American Humane Urges Colorado to Vote NO on Amendment 33

American Humane Association
Wednesday, 22 October 2003

American Humane encourages Colorado voters concerned about animal cruelty to vote NO on Amendment 33 on the basis that the bill would subsidize and prolong the exisitence of greyhound racing, an industry that is inherently cruel to animals.

Scheduled to go before voters in the November 4 election, Amendment 33 would legalize thousands of slot machines at dog tracks in Colorado.

American Humane, a Colorado-based national advocate for child and animal welfare policies and legislation, is one of several animal welfare organizations that have come out in opposition to Amendment 33.

American Humane's position mirrors that of the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies (CFAWA) and Political Voice for Animals.

"American Humane believes that cruelty is an unavoidable by-product of dog racing and opposes any legislation that would provide support to this industry, "says Suzanne Barnard, American Humane's vice president of public policy.

"Although there are many reasons for concern with Amendment 33, Political Voice for Animals opposes it because we feel that it would support an industry that is known to routinely practice cruelty to animals," says Tamara Lackey, president of Political Voice for Animals.

American Humane has long opposed dog racing and the use of live-lure training because of the inherent cruelty to animals associated with it. Racing dogs suffer from a planned breeding, testing, and rejection program that creates an unwanted overpopulation of racing dogs that do not "make the grade" on the track. This deliberate breeding adds to an already uncontrollable and tragic pet overpopulation problem. Despite some efforts to find homes for unwanted racing dogs, the majority are destroyed by their owners. Click here to read more.

If you are opposed to animal cruelty, American Humane encourages you to oppose Amendment 33. To learn about other animal cruelty issues and voice support for important animal welfare legislation, register on our site and be sure to indicate your interest in receiving Action Alerts!

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