"Blockbuster" Neuter/Spay Stamps Sell Out. American Partnership for Pets requests a rare reprint!

American Humane Association
Monday, 24 November 2003

The American Partnership for Pets (APP) has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. They are thrilled to announce that the US Postal Service's (USPS) Neuter/Spay stamps achieved "blockbuster" status and have sold out. This is a notable accomplishment given the extraordinary 250 Million print run. The average issue for a social awareness stamp is 150 million, with other commemoratives averaging 80 million.

Formed in response to the stamps, the diverse Partnership is proud to have united to speak on the need for a societal approach to the tragedy of homeless pets. They effectively used the stamps as a tangible tool to educate the public about the benefits of spaying and neutering. Each partner contributed through their newsletters, email lists, websites, educational and tie-in programs working closely alongside the USPS. This collaborative approach, coupled with great public support for the message, resulted in increased awareness and a blockbuster stamp!

Why did leading organizations unite behind these stamps? Why is APP asking for the "almost impossible" - a reprint?

Each year animal control organizations, humane societies, shelters, and rescue groups take in millions of animals, many of which would make wonderful companions. Millions more stray and feral animals wander in our communities. Tragically, many do not find new homes and are euthanized. Communities spend millions of dollars on animal care and control, and a huge emotional burden is placed on those who handle related issues on our nation's behalf.

Neutering and spaying is a part of responsible pet care. It benefits pets' health, may help to address behavioral issues, and reduces the numbers of unwanted litters born.

"APP could not be more grateful to the USPS for delivering this important message into the homes and hearts of America," said Sara Khurody-Downs, representing the partnership. Samantha the kitten and Kirby the puppy, the former shelter residents featured on the stamps, are the face of millions of homeless pets in America. The young animals also help to raise awareness of the benefits of spaying or neutering before first heat and accidental pregnancy.

APP members were touched at the outpouring of support of the USPS. Postmasters and employees told APP how they daily see the tragedy of stray animals on their delivery routes, and how many volunteer with shelters and rescue groups in their neighborhoods. Stamp dedication ceremonies around the nation, posters in USPS lobbies, and commemorative merchandise further assisted in getting this important message out to the public.

A call to action printed on the selvage on the stamps drove an estimated 4 million Americans to Pets 911 (www.Pets911.com and 1-888-PETS-911), a free service that helps the public locate veterinarians and spay/neuter programs in their neighborhoods.

Since fans of the stamps learned they were sold out, APP has been bombarded by reprint inquiries. The USPS almost never reprints commemorative stamps which are intended to remain on sale for a year or while supplies last. APP hopes that given their collaborative efforts and the continued public demand, the USPS will make Neuter/Spay the rare exception!

If reprinted in sufficient quantity and sold out again, Neuter/Spay could be headed for a record as the best selling commemorative stamp in modern day USPS history. Currently Elvis holds the record of most commemorative stamps printed at 517 million! APP is up for the challenge. Move over Hound Dog, here comes Neuter/Spay and the American Partnership for Pets!

To learn more about APP, spay/neuter, the stamps, and reprint efforts, visit www.americanpartnershipforpets.org.

For more information, or to contact American Humane Association, see their website at: www.americanhumane.org

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