Stop the Shooting of Pets in Kentucky

American Humane Association
Tuesday, 17 February 2004

American Humane today called on Kentucky legislators to pass HB 336, a bill that would end the use of gunshot as a lethal method of routine animal control in Kentucky's animal shelters.

The proposed bill, sponsored by Rep. Roger Thomas (D -Ky), would also set minimum statewide standards for animal shelters to meet within two years of the bill's passage.

"The millions of stray and unwanted animals that must be euthanized each year deserve a peaceful death, and shelter workers deserve access to a means to end their lives compassionately and with dignity," says Doug Fakkema, American Humane's associate director of training and special projects.

American Humane went further to say that euthanasia by injection (EBI) should be the only allowable method of euthanasia in Kentucky and throughout the country. EBI is a medical procedure that utilizes an anesthetic drug called sodium pentobarbital. Click here for more information.

Thirteen states, including Tennessee, Georgia, and Arkansas, have banned other lethal methods, such as gas chambers, and have mandated EBI be the sole means of euthanasia.

"Whether or not HB 336 is amended to be an EBI-only bill this year, we believe banning the use of gunshot to end the life of an animal is a step in the right direction," says Amy Ridings, American Humane's legislative director.

American Humane is the national leader in providing EBI training, conducting more than 30 EBI trainings a year all over the world. Last year, American Humane worked with local animal welfare organizations in Kentucky to help pass SB 24, which made second offense convictions of egregious acts of cruelty to dogs and cats a felony.

American Humane urges residents of Kentucky to contact key decision makers at the state, local and county levels to voice their support of HB 336. As a nonprofit organization, American Humane relies on the generous contributions of concerned individuals to advance programs, like our EBI work, that protect children and animals.

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