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American Humane Provides Emergency Relief for Animals Affected by Tornadoes in Kansas
07 May 03 | American Humane is activating its Red Star Emergency Services by sending a team of National Responders to provide emergency relief for animals affected by the tornadoes that devastated parts of Kansas.

May is Time to Pledge to Use the Neuter/Spay Stamps
02 May 03 | The unprecedented American Partnership for Pets is asking the public to "Pledge to Use the USPS Neuter/Spay Stamps in May" to deliver its important message to the homes and hearts of America and to break a few records along the way.

American Humane Calls for Tougher Animal Cruelty Laws in North Carolina
30 Apr 03 | In response to the recent seizure of 252 animals from a private home in Union, N.C., American Humane today called on authorities to strengthen their animal cruelty laws. The seizure points to a lack of strong animal cruelty laws in North Carolina.

In Wake of Recent Abuse Case, American Humane Urges New Mexico to Enact Tougher Animal Crulety Laws
09 Apr 03 | In response to the horrific animal abuse case in Espanola, NM, of a puppy that was found in a pit of raw human sewage, American Humane today called on authorities in New Mexico to toughen the state's animal cruelty laws.

What Do You See From Your Front Porch?
26 Mar 03 | How many of us ever notice a neighbor whose young children are left alone for hours at a time? Or see a child playing, covered with bruises or burns? Or witness a frustrated parent trying to manage three children, the chores, and his or her temper?

American Humane Calls for Quick Passage of Amber Alert Network Act
13 Mar 03 | If ever U.S. lawmakers needed a reason to pass the National Amber Alert Network Act, they got it this week with the safe return of Elizabeth Smart to her family. Elizabeth is home again after people called police after recognizing her pictures on TV.

Cross-Reporting of Child and Animal Abuse a Must
11 Mar 03 | A father becomes angry at the family dog for staying outside the yard. He loads one of his nine guns, then shoots and kills the animal. His children, who witness the violence, begin to sob. The father grabs one child by the hair and slaps another.

American Humane's Adopt-A-Cat Month® Celebrates Man's Best Friend -- The Cat
04 Mar 03 | For centuries, people have referred to the canine as "Man's Best Friend," but according to American Humane, the domestic cat has become the most popular pet in the United States, giving new meaning to the phrase.

American Humane Urges New Mexico to Make Animal Hoarding a Crime
27 Feb 03 | American Humane today urged authorities in New Mexico to pass recently proposed HB 19 to make the act of animal hoarding a misdemeanor. They urge residents of New Mexico to send a letter of support for the legislation to their elected officials.

American Humane to Testify in Kentucky that Cruelty to Animals is an Indicator of Other Forms of Violence
18 Feb 03 | Kentucky legislators will hear testimony as they consider joining 37 other states and the District of Columbia in making animal cruelty a felony. The proposed Senate Bill 24 would make cruelty to dogs and cats a Class D felony.

Bark . . Stop, Drop, & Roll™ - American Humane Launches Unprecedented Training to Law Enforcement in Tennessee
13 Feb 03 | American Humane, a national expert on animal behavior and animal handling techniques, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol set a national precedent this week with the successful completion of the first animal temperament assessment training.

American Humane Selected to Train Tennessee Highway Patrol on Animal Handling
30 Jan 03 | In response to the shooting death of a family dog, Patton, by a Tennessee police officer, American Humane has offered free training to the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) on basic dog behavior and ways police officers can prevent dog attacks.

American Humane Selects Suzanne Barnard to Oversee Public Policy Office in Washington, DC
29 Jan 03 | American Humane, the nation's only organization dedicated to both child and animal protection, has hired Suzanne Barnard as its new vice president of public policy. The Public Policy Office plays a key role in the Association's mission.

In Wake of Recent Abuse Case, American Humane Urges Mississippi to Enact Tougher Animal Cruelty Laws
23 Jan 03 | In response to the horrific abuse case in Richland, Miss., of a young boy's schnauzer-Boston terrier mix, American Humane today called on authorities in Mississippi to consider tougher animal cruelty laws.

American Humane Unveils New Brand
20 Jan 03 | American Humane, the nation's only nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals from abuse, today revealed their new brand identity to the public. The brand is a result of a pro-bono partnership with Monigle Associates.

American Humane Demands Investigation into Fatal Shooting of Family Dog by Tennessee Police
10 Jan 03 | American Humane, the nation's only organization dedicated to both child and animal protection, today voiced concern over the deliberate shooting death of a family dog by a Cookeville, Tenn., police officer.

American Humane Calls for Citizen Action to Stop Animal Abuse; Urges Prosecution
13 Dec 02 | In response to the abuse case of Noel, a german shepard mix puppy, American Humane today called for authorities to continue to investigate this case and, once the perpetrators have been located, to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

American Humane Revamps Website and Internet Infrastructure with Convio to Strengthen National Awareness
03 Dec 02 | As part of an organization-wide strategic plan to increase national awareness, strengthen its brand and improve focus on constituents, American Humane is rebuilding its Internet infrastructure with Convio, the leading eCRM company for nonprofits.

October's Adopt-A-Dog Month™ Highlights Benefits of Animal Shelter Adoptions
01 Oct 02 | October is Adopt-A-Dog Month, a nationwide effort that encourages dog lovers to celebrate by visiting a local animal shelter to provide a homeless dog or puppy with a caring, loving home. In celebration of Adopt-A-Dog Month, Purina will donate ...

Will Your Pets be Safe When Disaster Strikes?
25 Sep 02 | Will your pets be safe when disaster strikes? Will you be prepared to take them with you when an evacuation order is issued? American Humane is asking pet owners and ranchers to prepare themselves and their four-legged companions for the worst.

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