MCC relief sale supporters exchange ideas in Alberta

Mennonite Central Committee
Friday, 11 July 2003

Enthusiastic about supporting the work of Mennonite Central Comittee (MCC), a total of some 80 people attended the North American Relief Sale Board Annual Meeting and Biennial Workshops from June 18 to 19 here at Camp Valaqua.

The board includes a representative from each MCC region in the United States and province in Canada. The workshops, open to anyone involved with MCC relief sales, are conducted every other year in conjunction with the board meeting. This year, participants came from 22 sales in Canada and the United States. Two regions, West Coast MCC and MCC Alberta, had "perfect attendance," with representatives from all of their sales attending.

Thirteen workshops were offered during the two-day event. Topics included "How to Set Up a Quilters' Corner," "Children's Activities" and "Organizational Ideas for your Relief Sale Board."

Harriet and Doug Berg, MCC relief sale coordinators, introduced a new, standardized approach to the Penny Power program. All 46 relief sales are being urged to promote Penny Power, which encourages people to save spare change for MCC projects. Penny Power has significantly increased total funds raised at sales that promote it.

Cheryl Heatwole, chair of the North American Relief Sale Board, presided over the meetings. Hilton and Karen Mierau arranged for the Camp Valaqua facilities, which proved to be an ideal location for the event.

Inspirational speakers included Dave Worth, MCC Resource Generation director, Akron, Pa.; Abe Janzen, MCC Alberta director, Calgary; and Doug Klassen, senior pastor at Foothills Mennonite Church in Calgary.

At the conclusion of the workshops, most participants attended the Alberta Relief Sale in Disbury. There they had the opportunity to observe many of the new ideas that were discussed at the workshops. Workshops will again be offered in 2005, with the date and location to be announced. For more information, contact Doug and Harriet Berg,

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