FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why don't you list Charity XYZ?
  2. There are over 850,000 charities in the United States, and the great majority of those are small, local charities, or "local chapters" of one of the major charities I do list. Charity Wire lists most of the top charities in America.

  3. Do you have a newsletter? Can you let people know when you update the site?
  4. I will eventually be implementing a weekly newsletter to inform readers about site changes and updates, news headlines, as well as fund raising ideas and articles on how you can help your favorite charity. As soon as it launches, you'll be able to sign up on the front page of Charity Wire.

  5. Why did you put Charity XYZ in that category? Shouldn't it be in a different category?
  6. Possibly. While most charities have an obvious category they belong in, there are some that belong in more than one category, and some where I just had to make my best guess. If you think a charity should be in a different category, let me know... I might just move it :)

  7. Where can I get more information about Charity XYZ?
  8. A link to the charity's website is provided at the bottom of each news story, and in the description on the charity's profile. Simply visit their website to get in touch with them, and get more detailed information.

  9. Why don't you have a "search" function?
  10. We do! You'll find it on the menu bar, at the top of the screen. Or you can always access it by going directly to the search page.

  11. Are you going to list local charities?
  12. Suggest it, and I'll review it for possible inclusion.

  13. My local charity is having a golf-tournament (or fun-run, or canned-food drive, etc). Can you post this information?
  14. Eventually I hope to add this feature. No E.T.A., though it will be announced when it's ready..

  15. Can I donate money (or goods, etc) through Charity Wire?
  16. Nope! That's a whole big potential can of worms.

  17. What can I do to help Charity XYZ?
  18. If you'd like to give something to your favorite charity, first look in your phonebook to see if there is a local chapter. If there is, call them up, and ask them how you can help. If there isn't a local chapter nearby, then go to the charity's website, and they will usually give specific ways you can help. And congratulations on wanting to help support your favorite cause! Also see my article: "10 Ways You Can Help Right Now!"

  19. Will you be adding more charities to Charity Wire?
  20. Sure! If you'd like to recommend a charity for inclusion suggest it right here. I won't promise to add it, but I do promise I'll check it out and give it fair consideration. Just remember, I reserve the right to NOT list any charity.

  21. Can you give us money, fund our project, etc?
  22. No. I'm sorry, but Charity Wire isn't run by a big corporation or a grant making organization, or even by a rich guy with a website. I have no funds to give you. None. Please stop asking. Some of the charities listed on Charity Wire offer assistance to people in need, so please get in contact with your local chapter. I plan to add a section on Grant-Making Organizations in the near future, and at that time you may be able to contact them to fund your projects.

    But don't ask Charity Wire for funding. I don't have any to offer.

  23. What if I have a question not listed here?
  24. Please email me at: contact.us@charitywire.com. If your question might help others, I'll add it to the FAQ.


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