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Ice Cream Fundraising Opportunities Arise From 11 Year Old Boy's Hardship
27 Jul 04 | Miss Mary Mac's Homemade Ice Cream Toppings Company announced today its fundraising opportunities for sports organizations, schools, clubs or other non-profit parties stemming from a hardship case of an eleven year old boy in Marlborough, MA.

Recycle for Breast Cancer Fundraising Program Helps Individuals and Businesses Dispose of E-Waste All Year Long
24 Jul 04 | Recycle for Breast Cancer is a no-cost, national fundraising program to help the fight against breast cancer while benefiting the environment. You can collect cell phones, pagers, Palm Pilots, inkjet & toner cartridges and surplus supplies.

Fundraising Hit – Oh These Candles Announces Their Soy Candles as the Perfect Fundraising Idea for Organizations, Schools, and Individuals
19 Jul 04 | Oh These Candles is the perfect alternative to candy, wrapping paper, cookies or pizza sales. There are no upfront costs, free shipping, free personalized labels, and free sorting.

Fundraisers Can Grab Sweet Rewards with Gladder's Gourmet CarbTarget™ Reduced-Carb Cookies
20 Jun 04 | Reduced carbohydrates can mean Increased profits for fundraising groups. Let's face it; these are not great times to be carrying donuts door-to-door to raise funds for an organization.

Publish your own Promotional and Fundraising Calendars
13 Jun 04 | Digilabs Inc, today announced its "Publish your own Promotional and Fundraising Calendars" program, the program enables anybody to easily create and print, press-print quality photo calendars, with no minimum quantity requirement.

SBLI USA Associates Join Thousands in Fundraising Walk and Family Fun Activities to Support Persons with Disabilities
09 Jun 04 | For the third consecutive year, associates of SBLI USA Mutual Life Insurance Company, Inc. turned out to support the YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities' Central Park Challenge, held on Saturday, June 5th. The event raised $800,000.

DigiNovations' North Bridge Productions Accepts Top Fundraising Video Honors at 2004 Telly Awards
07 Jun 04 | A capital campaign video for the Brimmer and May School has won the highest honor for Fundraising Video at the 2004 Telly Awards, announced this week.

Service Makes Guaranteed Fundraising Fast and Simple
02 Jun 04 | Over the last few years, the non-profit world has experienced something of a shock after the economic boom of the '90s. Even through a tight economy, one company guarantees its fundraising opportunity for non-profits, churches, and more.

Fundraising Ideas: Grandpa Collected Bottles, Today's Kids Collect Cell Phones
28 May 04 | Parents and grandparents remember the days when they collected empty bottles and old newspapers to raise money for Scouts, clubs, and teams. Today's kids are far more high tech, so the latest boom in fundraising is collecting old cell phones.

Big Toe Soccer launches fundraising division
26 May 04 | Big Toe Soccer, a direct marketer of soccer apparel, equipment and footwear based in Madison, Wisconsin, announced the launch of its fundraising division called Big Toe Soccer Fundraising.

TALK About a Great Fundraiser... Pre-paid Phone Cards
12 May 04 | Pre-paid phone cards, the ideal, on-going fund raising program offers 50% to the organization.

Sterling Financial Creates Recurring Rewards Program To Provide Fundraising For Non-Profit Organizations
17 Mar 04 | Sterling Financial Management, a Jacksonville, Florida-based company that provides loan reduction services for personal and business loans, has created a spin-off to help non-profits raise funds for operational expenses or capital development.

2nd Annual "Evening of Jazz" Fundraising Event To Benefit Organ Donors And Recipients
13 Feb 04 | Mike Jones presents the 2nd Annual "Evening of Jazz" fundraising event featuring Bob Baldwin & Friends on March 7, 2004 at Platinum Live in Studio City.

Causesnow has created the first exclusive free online calendar for the Non profit/Cause community.
21 Jan 04 | Causesnow allows non profits/causes to list their fundraising events for free in their exclusive non profit/cause calendar section. Causesnow's calendar is designed to give non profits/causes maximum exposure for their fundraising events.

The Right Choice in Fundraising can make all the difference
10 Jan 04 | HolyBears, Inc. of Houston, Texas, one of the fastest-growing Christian Fundraising companies in America, is introducing a new expanded and improved fundraising system.

Cell Phone Recycle Company Creates a Winning Strategy for the Environment and Fundraisers
01 Jan 04 | Up to 75 million cell phones may be discarded in the next 12 months. provides a way for conscientious cell phone users and those that raise funds, to avert the environmental threat.

The HardDrive City Network, the Community Network That Gives Back to the Community
20 Dec 03 | The HardDrive City Network is a series of Community Portal Websites actively involved in fundraising for worthy organizations. Such organizations include groups representing the disabled, churches, schools, Chambers of Commerce and clubs.

MADD Canada and NewSchool Announce their Partnership to Raise Awareness and Fundraising during the Holiday Season
13 Dec 03 | MADD Canada and hit musical group, NewSchool partner in the fight against drunk driving this holiday season by raising awareness and much needed funds to make our streets safer.

National Scrip Center Teams Up with SchoolPop to Help Schools
11 Dec 03 | National Scrip Center, the nonprofit company that created the scrip fundraising industry, and Schoolpop, America's number one year-round school support company, have teamed up to add new, practical and easy funding programs to schools and nonprofits.

SpeedLinx To Lend a Helping Hand To Charities And Fundraisers
22 Nov 03 | SpeedLinx Online Of America was founded with the core vision of serving the community through revenue sharing programs especially for charities, fundraisers, public schools and non-profit organizations all over the United States.

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