Cell Phone Recycle Company Creates a Winning Strategy for the Environment and Fundraisers

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Thursday, 1 January 2004 | PR WEB

Up to 75 million cell phones may be discarded in the next 12 months. CellFund.com provides a way for conscientious cell phone users and those that raise funds, to avert the environmental threat.

Conscientious cell phone users may be able to avert a dangerous threat to our environment caused by discarded cell phones. A new law allows cell phone users to retain their old phone number while switching wireless carriers. Experts estimate up to 50% of the 150 million cell phone users will switch carriers in the next 12 months. The majority of people who switch however, will not be allowed to use their old phones due to different technologies employed by the service carriers.

This phenomenon is prompting great concern that millions of cell phones, no longer useful to their owners, will simply be disposed. The real danger lies in the fact that cell phones contain chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer and other reproductive, neurological, and developmental disorders. Many Americans are concerned about these toxins ending up in their landfills.

There is an answer to this problem that provides a win-win solution for both cell phone users and groups trying to raise funds. A company called CellFund is buying discarded cell phones from groups who collect them as a fundraising tool. After refurbishing them, they are sold to developing countries where there is a great demand for their product.

Donations to charities are at an all time low. With many people unable to donate financially due to a harsh economic climate, donating old cell phones provides an outlet that costs the donor nothing out of pocket, benefits the charity, and protects the environment from the dangerous effects of discarded cell phones. James Saunders, CEO of CellFund explains, "Of the phones we take in, we recycle 100% of the parts, so nothing from a phone goes into a landfill."

Starting with a missionary in Bolivia, South America, looking to fund his work with revenue from the sale of used cell phones, the founders of CellFund launched a campaign to collect phones. Overnight, CellFund evolved into a fundraising program that over 1500 groups in all parts of the U.S. and Canada are using.

To participate, groups simply register online with CellFund and begin to collect used cell phones. CellFund then ships and processes the phones free of charge and pays the group cash for each phone that retains resale value.

Now groups all over the country are working not only to finance their efforts by collecting old cell phones, but they are also working to protect the environment from the dangerous toxins found in these phones. For more information about CellFund, how your organization can raise money, or where to donate your old cell phone, you may visit their website at www.cellfund.com.


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