Causesnow has created the first exclusive free online calendar for the Non profit/Cause community.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2004 | PR WEB

Causesnow allows non profits/causes to list their fundraising events for free in their exclusive non profit/cause calendar section. Causesnow's calendar is designed to give non profits/causes maximum exposure for their fundraising events.

Causesnow whose mission is to assist non-profits/causes to increase their revenue and increase their exposure is proud to announce its exclusive free calendar submission service for non profit/causes who are putting on fundraising events any where in the world. Causesnow's goal is to enhance the exposure for non-profits/causes who are seeking to benefit those among us to require their assistance. Whether the cause is being promoted by a 501 C 3 organization or a corporation that is performing a good citizen role in their community. The Causesnow calendar is design to let the world know about your fundraising event.

Non-profits/causes can use our Causesnow calendar as often as they have fundraising events to list. Causesnow is visited by journalist, potential sponsors and potential donors seeking the latest news and information about the non-profit/cause community. List your event to be noticed by potential sponsors, event attendees and potential donors seeking innovative non-profits/causes to give contributions to.

About Causesnow

Causesnow produces Internet Broadcast Networks. special events, workshops and seminars. Our mission is to help create bridges between the sponsoring corporate world and causes. Since Causesnow was created in 2002, we have developed relationships with causes such as Nugigs Institute whose mission is to provide incentives for K-12 students to do well in school.

Causesnow donates a percentage of its gross revenue to causes whose missions are to help build individual self determination, enhance K-12 education and senior citizen support services. Causesnow also acts as a partnership facilitator between corporate sponsors and causes seeking to increase their level of sponsorship dollars. Causesnow is dedicated to increasing the amount of sponsorship dollars contributed to causes of all types to in assess of several billion dollars per year. We believe these dollars will be used by their recipients to further their much needed missions and goals.

Since 2002 Causesnow has funded or assisted causes, including Nugigs Institute, Center for Urban Black Studies, numerous Faith-Based institutions, Center for Contemporary Studies.

Every year, at least 5% of Causesnow gross revenue is used to fund our custodial fund which makes quarterly distributions to chosen causes. These funds come from the gross sales, not bottom-line (profits), as well as our cause related revenue generating activities. Our profitability does not determine whether we make a contribution to our custodial fund.

For more information; visit our website, or call Richard Trask, President at 415-773-1832, email:


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