Fundraisers Can Grab Sweet Rewards with Gladder's Gourmet CarbTarget™ Reduced-Carb Cookies

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Sunday, 20 June 2004 | PR WEB

Reduced carbohydrates can mean Increased profits for fundraising groups.

Let's face it; these are not great times to be carrying donuts door-to-door to raise funds for an organization. While some speculate that we've already witnessed the peak of the carb avoidance frenzy, there's no doubt that carb counting is here to stay. To help fundraising distributors and their customer capitalize on low carb sales, Texas dessert king Gladder's Gourmet is offering its new CarbTarget™ Foods line for fundraising.

"The fundraising niche is so important to us, that I'm excited to make this product available to all our distributors," says Gladder's president John Glader. "With a product like our CarbTarget Cookies, folks can help local groups achieve their fundraising goals, while getting a fabulous dessert that meets their carb-counting goals, too."

Besides fundraising, Gladder's Gourmet is already a significant player in the restaurant and grocery markets with its portion-controlled, place-and-bake cookie dough and ready-to-bake brownie & blondie trays that are all kosher certified (Pareve & Dairy).

The Gladder's CarbTarget line includes low carb versions of some of its best-selling cookie flavors like Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Fudge Chocolate Chip (ain't carb-counting grand?), Cinnamon Pecan, and Almond. Two new ready-to-bake, low carb brownies are soon to be available, and like the CarbTarget cookies, have 5 or less net carbs per serving. [Net Carbs = Total Carbs - (Dietary Fiber + Sugar Alcohols)].

In addition to its signature cookie dough and brownies, the Gladder's Gourmet R&D kitchens have developed CarbTarget PizzaSkinz™—a thaw-and-use 6.5" personal-size pizza crust. The product supports the American love affair with pizza, but with a net carb figure that keeps pizza on the menu.

Gladder's Gourmet is a Lockhart, Texas-based provider of a wide variety of value-added place-and-bake, ready-to-bake, and thaw-and-serve items for foodservice, convenience store, fundraising, retail grocery and the private label industry. The new CarbTarget and the all-natural Churn and Hearth (butter-rich, low in Trans-Fats) lines join the company's Classic and Elegance lines of premium quality, kosher products.

For more information, call Gladder's Gourmet at (512) 398-4523 or visit the company on the web at


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