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Saturday, 22 November 2003 | PR WEB

SpeedLinx Online Of America was founded with the core vision of serving the community through revenue sharing programs especially for charities, fundraisers, public schools and non-profit organizations all over the United States. With an intense desire to contribute to the community but without the financial capital to do so, the company was established with a unique concept of offering a basic service in the American way of life today nationwide Internet access, with a portion of the monthly proceeds per subscriber being forwarded to charities, fundraisers, public schools and non-profit organizations involved in community service month after month as an ongoing and almost perpetual fundraising program. Subscribers to the SpeedLinx dialup Internet access service through over 20,000 local numbers nationwide, pay their regular monthly subscription fees and a portion of those fees per subscriber is forwarded to the fundraising organization of their choice as long as the subscriber continues to remain a SpeedLinx Internet service member.

An Internet Access Provider with a heart and a keen eye for community service - that is SpeedLinx Online Of America for you. SpeedLinx provides dialup Internet access through over 20,000 local numbers nationwide. SpeedLinx has an open invitation to fundraisers, charities, public schools and non-profit organizations to join in the program to raise funds for whatever community service they are engaged in. The fundraising partner would be responsible to choose the contribution rate per Internet Access subscriber per month and publicize the fact that for every subscriber who signs up for SpeedLinx Internet Access, SpeedLinx will contribute the chosen contribution amount to the partner month after month.

Joy Ghosh, President and CEO of SpeedLinx Online Of America said, "Internet access has attained the status of a utility like power, water and gas in American households today - everyone needs it. Charities and non-profit organizations are always in need of funds that are not easy to come by. We bridge the gap between these two basic needs of two key groups of people in the community through our revenue sharing program." Lana Ghosh, Vice President of SpeedLinx Online Of America said, "We are not talking pennies or a few dollars here and there, but hundreds and thousands of dollars month after month by way of automatic contributions depending upon the number of subscribers who sign up with us and express their desire to forward a portion of their monthly access fees to a particular charity."

As an illustration, if the fundraising partner chooses a contribution rate of $3.00 per subscriber per month and every month as little as 100 additional new subscribers signed up for SpeedLinx Internet access every month for a year, with their reference, the fundraising partner will be eligible for $109,200.00 in contributions at the end of the year. For 1000 additional new subscribers signing up every month for a year, that contribution amount jumps up to $234,000.00 for the year. There is no practical limit to how much the fundraiser can generate by way of contributions they are in total control of the contribution amount.

To make it simpler for the fundraising partner to calculate the amount of contributions due, SpeedLinx provides a secure area online that the partner can log into to obtain this information anytime. When subscribers sign up for SpeedLinx Internet access, a special code called a "promo code" is assigned to the fundraising partner is included in the sign-up process. This code automatically tracks all monthly access fee payments for that particular fundraiser.

Most solicitations for contributions are ignored, forgotten or declined by the general population because the cause may be important to the fundraiser, but not necessarily for everyone. But none can ignore, forget or decline to access the World Wide Web today and pay for it. Through this program SpeedLinx hopes to eliminate the element of uncertainty that fundraisers have to contend with, by providing a basic service - Internet access to the American household and forward a portion of the proceeds from that basic service to the fundraising partner.

"This has a phenomenal potential for fundraisers, charities and non-profit organizations to support and boost their fundraising efforts," said Joy Ghosh, President and CEO of the company. "We hope fundraisers will realize the potential of this program and come forward to partner with us to help them raise funds for their specific cause."

Further information is available online in the company's website through a special page describing further details about the program. This page may be accessed at http://www.SpeedLinx.net/fundraising.asp.


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